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DATRICA® - data management redefined

Client-server architecture

What is DATRICA®?

DATRICA® is a framework for the rapid building and deployment of sophisticated distributed, client-server data applications, for use in businesses that routinely handle complex and/or rapidly changing types of data. Parts of DATRICA® work at the user interface level, the middle tier, and the back end to deliver an integrated, end-to-end experience to the user. Business solutions built on top of DATRICA® enjoy several key advantages - in particular they are extremely flexible and extensible. Entirely new types of business data can be added easily, and are immediately treated as 'first class citizens' by the framework - not merely as customised extensions.

Who is DATRICA® for?

DATRICA® can add value to businesses of all sizes, in all industry sectors. It allows the rapid building of state-of-the-art solutions for companies looking to improve on their data handling capabilities, speed up change management and reduce costs. It supports multi-tier deployment, and interfaces to all the popular database platforms, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Access etc. It can be used, for example, to build a consistent view of data spread across several databases across the business, potentially of different database types, or to transparently and reliably copy and route transaction data between databases, e.g. for analysis.
Datrica usage
Data flow

How does DATRICA® work?

DATRICA® allows you to build an array of dynamic and intelligent business objects, that allow data to flow unhindered through your enterprise systems. The objects know how to dynamically display themselves in a user interface, so no annoying application 'redesign issues' when business data changes. They know how to save themselves to a database, so no database redesign issues either. They know how they relate to other business objects, so no middle tier/API redesign issues. Because in business, we know the only constant is change.

What can I build with DATRICA®?

Silhouette Solutions is committed to ensuring that DATRICA® is the premiere data management platform available. If you want to do something with data, DATRICA® can help you. Whether it's storing and retrieving results from automated scientific experiments, capturing customer records, analysing rapidly changing stock prices or holding inventory, DATRICA® can add value to your business. To find out more about solutions built with DATRICA®, try solutions.

DATRICA® is a framework with components working at multiple tiers. From the front end user applications, through to the back end databases, DATRICA® provides innovations to make working with data easier. We also recognise that no two customers are the same, so we support each customer to build and extend their own rich and dynamic object data model, and potentially create their own DATRICA®-aware user applications, too.
Change process

Where can I find out more?

Silhouette Solutions would be happy to provide further details on your how we can add value to your business, and demonstrate what the DATRICA® framework can deliver.


Please contact our sales team to arrange a meeting.

Datrica at Work
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