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What can we do for you?

We care about your data. We want it to work harder for your business. How can we help? We can:
  • Audit your current data management strategy, and suggest improvements to meet specific business needs.
  • Design, build and test a brand new database to store information important to your business. Solutions built around any of the leading database platforms ( Access , SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, mySQL etc.) are available, depending on client preference and suitabililty for purpose.
  • Remodel an existing database, whilst retaining its data. For example, we can migrate data from one database platform to another, upgrade to a newer version of the same platform, write new queries or stored procedures to improve performance or fetch new information, improve the way data is organised (schema), review indexes to improve performance, improve or write new reports.
  • Design and deliver or improve standalone, client-server or N-tier data architectures.

Why come to us?

There are lots of solution providers out there. What makes us different?
  • Our staff have many years of hands-on experience in the design and maintenance of business databases, from small single-user databases, through to complicated data platforms used by large enterprises, that accumulate millions of records daily. Some of the UK's largest businesses rely on systems built on top of database designs created by members of staff.
  • As well as supplying expertise, our innovative DATRICA® framework represents our vision for working with data. Building on top of DATRICA® means we can deliver solutions quickly that would normally be far more labour intensive and expensive.
  • We deliver solutions built around a wide variety of database platforms because we understand that our clients prefer to manage their data in ways they already know and trust, rather than be forced to change database just to suit our products and expertise.
Build a new architecture
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  • Design, build and test brand new software user applications, both web based and Windows® based. We can develop and support custom applications, built precisely to your specification, to interact with your data exactly the way you want. These applications can be designed to work with a new database we have built, or an existing one that you already maintain.
  • Improve existing software user applications (where you possess the source code) to better meet your current needs. This can range from small tasks like modifying screens to show more information, through to redesigning the whole application.
  • Design and build software user applications that are not tied to a particular data source, and can display and work with many types of data from a variety of sources through the same user interface.
  • Supply auto-updating user applications, that only need to be deployed once at the server, and are then automatically transferred to the client, thereby reducing computer maintenance costs.
  • Deliver multi-lingual software that can be used by teams spread across different countries. The display language can be selected by the user, and data formatting (for example decimal points vs commas, calendars) is automatically adjusted for the local environment, and local time zone.
  • Software application development for data applications is much easier with the DATRICA® framework. Rather than build user applications completely from scratch, DATRICA® comes with a set of smart building blocks which can be used to build applications rapidly. One example is a display panel that can automatically format and display for editing any type of data that DATRICA® understands. This significantly reduces the need to design and code by hand specific screens for data entry, and makes the resultant application more resilient to future changes in requirements.
  • The DATRICA® framework can also autogenerate an API for saving and retrieving data, merely by examining the structure of your data. This means that a significant amount of time and effort normally spent by solution providers writing code purely to retrieve and save different types of data to the database can be avoided.
  • Foreign language editions of software applications often lag behind the English edition, and receive less attention from their developer. The DATRICA® framework and applications built with it are designed to be language neutral throughout, so that multiple languages can be used in the same installation for different users, or even for different user applications by the same user.
Recapture your data
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  • Improve data quality across all company databases. We can supply flexible and customisable tools to help you root out bad data, as you choose to define it, and replace it with good data. Our tools can also be used to prevent bad data from being retained in future.
  • Enable better enterprise application integration (EAI). We can build or improve platforms that share data around your business systems, routing information to every system that needs it in a timely and consistent fashion.
  • Improve data integration by building data models that link information held by different databases or business systems and supply tools that enforce those relationships. This can have a large impact on data quality , and give new opportunities for cross-promotional offers between different parts of a business, as well as potentially preventing customers from having to amend their data multiple times.
  • Increase data availabilty and accessibility to everyone - give users access to data they need, even data originating from business systems managed by other parts of the organization.
  • Data quality is often overlooked by solution providers. With data storage having never been cheaper, many businesses are busy accumulating vast amounts of digital operational information. It is easy to store, but how complete, accurate and up to date is that information? The DATRICA® framework takes data quality seriously, and incorporates a rules engine at its heart. As well as enabling the storing and retrieval of data, DATRICA® allows your business to identify missing and invalid data, using your own definitions for what valid data should look like. User applications that we develop can also clearly explain what is wrong with the data, thereby allowing users to easily correct it.
  • Just possessing data is sometimes not enough - getting it to the right people at the right time can be very important too. DATRICA® can easily route copies of data through to multiple destinations, so (for example) the marketing department can analyse the very latest buying trends in their own private database, constantly updated with the latest buying tends, or perhaps data can be passed on for processing to various downstream business systems.
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  • Make some or all of your data available over the web, or through an Intranet. We can develop and test web services that expose some or all of your data in a defined XML format, that allow update or retrieval of data associated with the underlying data stores.
  • If necessary, we can restrict access to certain types of data, so that it is only accessible by appropriate users.
  • Design, build and deploy specialised data repositories such as Data Warehouses and Operational Data Stores to meet specific business needs.
  • Support, store and display time varying data. New business data often supercedes old, but in many circumstances it is not appropriate to simply overwrite old information. We can build platforms that allow a historical record of old data (and also expected future data) to be available online at the same time as current data.
  • DATRICA® can auto-generate and enforce an XML schema by examining the structure of your data, and then make that data available through auto-configured web services, thereby saving you time and money. These web services obey exactly the same data quality restrictions as you have configured for your data in general.
  • All DATRICA® data objects can easily be converted to and from XML, to enable easy integration with other data-aware business systems.
  • As well as facilitating deployment of auto-updating smart clients, DATRICA® can run multiple APIs in parallel, so that data definitions can be changed whilst the system is still live and serving data.
  • DATRICA® also enables 'temporal queries', where we can fetch not only current data that matches certain criteria, but historic or future data that matches that criteria too. It can be specified if the criteria should be true at a certain point in time, over a range of times, or at any time.
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Who can benefit?

Virtually every business, large and small, is faced with the challenge of effectively managing their data. Whether you habitually keep your business information in text files, operate a small MS Access database, use a large enterprise Oracle installation, or have your data spread out amongst hundreds of different enterprise databases, we understand the sort of problems you're likely to encounter, and can bring our experience to bear in helping your overcome them.

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