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Silhouette Solutions can deliver bespoke solutions for your business build on top of the DATRICA® framework. Leveraging the power of the framework, many tasks that would formerly have required months of formal design and development time can be realised in a matter of days, or even hours. Silhouette Solutions can work with your business to gain in-depth understanding of your business model and processes, and then use that knowledge to build a data model and overall solution that will support your current and future data processing requirements. As you would expect from DATRICA®, this data model is highly flexible and configurable, to support unknown future business requirements.
Tailored, bespoke Solutions
Client-specific user applications

If required, Silhouette Solutions can also deliver client-specific user applications to support the way your business wants to work. These will be fully integrated into the DATRICA® framework, not partly supported product customisations as is common in the industry. Because we have already built many intelligent and dynamic DATRICA® aware application components, delivery times on such applications should be much faster than the industry norm.

Silhouette Solutions will fully support all solutions built on top of the DATRICA® framework, and because DATRICA® is designed with change in mind, as the DATRICA® framework is extended and enhanced in future, those new features will become available for your business to exploit in your existing solution.

Alternatively, you may require DATRICA® to play a specific role in your business, and integrate with existing business systems to exchange data. All DATRICA® solutions are highly amenable to integration. The business object architecture means that other business systems can easily be made 'DATRICA® aware', and even enabled to create DATRICA® objects themselves for transmission to the DATRICA® servers.

To discuss specific solution requirements, and how DATRICA® might fulfil a role in your business, please contact a member of the sales team.

Integration with existing business systems
Datrica at Work
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